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NeXSTFast and accurate drug candidate de-risking completely in vitro

NEXEL’s Cardiac Safety is the New Paradigm

Cardiac Safety

  • Cardiotoxicity is the leading cause for drug attrition (Car, 2006)
  • Cardiac safety issues arise even after the drug reaches the market
  • 45% of all drug withdrawals are related to cardiovascular issues (Stevens and Baker, 2009)

NEXEL’s Cardiac Safety is the New Paradigm

hERG Assay NEXEL Cardiac Safety
Target Single Channel Effect Multichannel Effect + Contractility + Viability
Result hERG Inhibition Curve QT(FPD) Prolongation + Proarrhythimic Risk
Accuracy ~70% >84% (Blinova et al.) 100% (Clyde)
Toxicology Acute Effect Only Chronic Effect (optional)
Specificity Low (False Positives, e.g. Verapamil) High
Throughput Low-1 drug per day (n=5) High-96-Well plate

Current Method – hERG Assay

on immortalized cells

The hERG assay involves patch-clamping hERG expressing cell lines and measuring current inhibition after drug treatment

Inaccuracies are due to
  • Singleion channel effect
  • Unphysiologicalimmortalized cell line
  • Non-beatingdoes not measure Arrhythmia

NeXST - Cardiac Safety

Cardiosight®-S based
  • Our CiPA-based cardiac safety assay mimics actual human physiology and is more accurate than previously available methods
  • By using our own Cardiosight®-S, we provide a much more stable and controlled research setting
  • Multi-ion
    channel effect
  • Spontaneous beating & Conduction of Electrical signal through cell network
  • Full data output on human cardiac electrophysiology

NEXEL is your Specialist in Cardiac Safety

AScreening Service

BSafety Pharmacology

Accurately test the cardiac electrophysiology using our own Cardiosight®-S in vitro

Example Results (relative changes to vehicle)